Iraca Palm Fan , sustainable fashion


The Iraca palm, also known as Toquilla, is the source of the exquisite fiber used in our handwoven hats.

This remarkable palm is cultivated with care, and its tender leaves are harvested, cooked, and dried in the shade to retain their natural beauty and strength.

The Craftsmanship Behind Our Hats Harvesting: The process begins with the selective harvesting of young Iraca palm leaves.

Preparation: These leaves are then cooked and carefully dried in the shade to maintain their quality.

Weaving: Skilled artisans weave each hat by hand, ensuring that every piece is unique and meticulously crafted. Shaping: The woven hats are then pressed into shape using a specialized machine that utilizes heat, pressure, and steam.

From Our Workshop to Your Doorstep After the initial shaping, the hats arrive at our workshop in Cali. Here, our talented artisans refine the designs to cater to both women and men, incorporating high-quality materials to ensure excellence and individuality in each hat.

Quality and Care From Cali, we ship our hats to the USA,and throughout Colombia, each carefully packed in a special bag designed for protection and easy transport. Connect with Us Through our social media channels, we offer valuable content on: How to choose the ideal hat Finding your perfect size Caring for your hat Join our community to explore the rich craftsmanship of the Iraca palm and discover the perfect accessory that blends tradition, quality, and style.

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